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Whisky Galore: New Partnership Already Reaping Benefits

A little less than a year ago a world famous whisky distiller and bottler decided they were going to look at the way they lubricated their bottling facility in the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland. They had long used European lubricant brands to facilitate this important plant function, and at that point in time had no reason to change their ideas on the matter. Their current agreement with their existing lubricant supplier was due for renewal in the not too distant future and like countless other global companies in these times of financial austerity, they decided it would be a good opportunity to look at the entire fiscal outlay of their lubrication process. With this in mind, they decided to look at what other viable options there might be out there in the market. One of the key factors of this exercise was to reassure themselves that they were getting the very best quality products and service coupled with the best value for their money.

The company’s courtesy and good business ethics were extended to the existing lube supplier, and an invitation was made for them to present their case of continued supply. Purchase cost, cost in use, component failure due to lubrication, service and overall value for money were all taken into consideration. It was then the turn of competitor companies to make their presentation and tender to the company’s senior engineering management team. Many companies made their presentation of how and why they should be chosen for the job of custodian of the plant’s lubrication. Then through the process of elimination it was whittled down to three potential suppliers. In the final three was Bel-Ray Company, which later proved to be victorious through this final decision process! The final decision was made on several key factors, which hasallowed the company’s bottling lines to continue operating smoothly through the transition from old to new!

Because of Bel-Ray’s vast portfolio of NSF H1 approved No-Tox Food Grade products the bottling plant was able to ensure the entire plant was now a complete Food-Safe Lubricants site! The further technological advances in the No-Tox range have also allowed them to reduce their stock inventory of lubricants by offering specifically designed lubes for multiple application functionality. These two points alone have been able to address potential auditing issues and misuse matters on site. Furthermore, Bel-Ray conducted a point by point lubrication survey of the plant, which took into account frequency of use, volume expectations in use and as already mentioned food-safe alternative recommendations.

Direct compatibility with the existing products also played a key factor in Bel-Ray securing the business, being able to offer a seamless transition from one brand to another without costly drainage and flushing of gearboxes and cleaning procedures which could have hampered vital production.

Bel-Ray has been able to demonstrate from the very start of their tenure the cost savings they can and will continue to make for the bottling facility. From up-front lower purchasing costs, Bel-Ray has been able to provide the bottling plant with the superior performing food-safe products the company demands, without being left financially drained! This facilitated the engineering management team in estimating their entire lubricant usage and more importantly their lubricant costs for the year, which in turn has allowed them to focus their budget in other critical areas of the plant.