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Technical Reports

Why use Bel-Ray Motorcycle Oil? - This article explains the mechanism of the oil’s journey and the benefit of using quality products from the Bel-Ray EX and Bel-Ray Thumper range of 4-Stroke motorcycle oils. 4-Stroke engines (4T) use a recirculation oil system. An engine driven pump forces the oil into a filter and then into passages.. Read More
What Exactly Do The Multi-Visc Designations Mean? - Have you every wondered what does 10W-30 or 20W- 50 mean? Many people think 10W-30 means that when the oil is cold it has the viscosity of a 10 weight oil and when the oil is hot is has the viscosity of a 30 weight oil. How could you have oil that’s viscosity.. Read More
Friction Modified Thumper Racing 4T Engine Oil & Thumper Gear Saver Transmission Oil - Introducing, the New Friction Modified Thumper motorcycle oil, specifically formulated for motorcycles with separate engine and transmission oils. This exciting new product contains friction reducing additives that lower the drag on all moving components of.. Read More

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