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Technical Reports

Success at Coal Mine - Bel-Ray Molylube 126 EP Grease 2: Success in Underground Coal Mine Lubricant Bin Location and the Mining Process An underground coal mine located in Colorado. The mine uses the Longwall Method of mining. Molylube Extreme Pressure Grease AC 2 This grease has been successfully used.. Read More
Big Savings in Australia - BEL-RAY LUBRICANTS EXTENDED COMPONENT LIFE BY 60% AND SAVED CUSTOMER more than $217,000 IN COMPONENT REBUILDING COSTS An open cut coal mine located in Australia operates an L-1400 LeTourneau Wheel Loader which has run on Bel-Ray since it was new... Read More
GE Motorized Wheel Gearbox Approval - March 27, 2009 – Bel-Ray Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the recent approval and recommendation of Bel-Ray Synthetic Gear Oil 680 (Product No. 66960) by General Electric Transportation Systems (GE) for the lubrication of both DC and AC motorized wheel gearbox applications.. Read More
Grease-Type Open Gear Lubricants - While lubrication is not the sole answer to all mechanical problems, the simpler the application of lubricant becomes, the greater the chance of an uninterrupted and smooth running operation... Read More