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Perfluoro Polyether Grease

Perfluoro Polyether Grease

Perfluoro Polyether Grease, commonly known as Bel-Ray PFET Grease, is a synthetic based, inorganic thickened grease. Perfluoro Polyether Grease is for use in environments with difficult chemical reactivity. It is completely insoluble in most solvents and non-reactive in the presence of concentrated oxygen and chlorine. Its use in reactive chemical environments completely eliminates the concern of fire or explosions caused by a conventional lubricant, making it truly a safety grease. Perfluoro Polyether Grease has exceptional anti-wear and Extreme Pressure properties, giving it a wide range of uses. The stability of Perfluoro Polyether Grease in high temperature and various chemical environments assures full protection of bearings over a broad temperature range and varied environmental operating conditions that would compromise conventional lubricants.  Useful temperature range -40°C to 204°C (-40°F to 400°F).

Product # Grade SDS
11460 NLGI 2 Downloads